Prospective New Users Read This Before Joining

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Prospective New Users Read This Before Joining

Post by Octarine Valur on Tue Aug 17, 2010 9:42 pm

Dear prospective user,

First, welcome to the Real Vampire Forum.

Second, I want to point out that if you join the forum, you will be expected to participate - so if you join only to access the rest of the forum and not make any posts, your account will be deleted. Zero post accounts will be deleted after a week. (This does not apply to users who have posted and just haven't been active for a while.)

Other forums may care about having inflated figures of membership, with a lot of inactive uninterested dead-wood filling the user count box - not us. We're not after quantity, we're after quality.

*Twirls razor-sharp ban sword theatrically*

Enjoy the forum.


We drink the darkness
In the night,
We drink the darkness
That smothers light
Octarine Valur
Octarine Valur

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